Standing Committees

Vibrant local unions and progressive social movements don't just happen; they are planned for and worked on by people like you - members who care about the future and status of our union, members who care about what kind of future we want for all working families, One way to make a difference in all aspects of our union movement is through standing committees.

What Standing Committees Do

An effective standing committee is a motivated, energetic and innovative group of members who can apply their abilities to their areas of interest. Standing committees work in cooperation with their local union executive board. They identify topics, programs and issues that are important to the membership, the community, the local union, the international union and lobor movement as a whole. They develop plans and proposals for activities and, when approved by the local union executive board, carry out those plans. Standing committees report out at membership meetings on the progress of their activities and future plans.

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact

Jeff Morris at 734-241-6320  ex. 320

Committee - Click name for more info. Chair Meeting Date/ Time
Citizenship and Legislative (CAP)    
Civil Rights    
Community Services Candice Dazey  
Consumer Affairs    
House and Recreation    
Constitution and ByLaws Mike Keck As Needed
Union Label    
Chaplaincy Chris Hornbeck 3rd Friday @ 3:45pm
Women's Committee Candise Green  
Peer to Peer  
Election Committee Larry Swiontionowski As Needed