Greetings from Local 723 Retiree Chapter:

            My name is Leroy Keck and I am the chairperson for our local retiree chapter.  Our local group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 1:00 PM for a luncheon and fellowship.  We have an active group and many get involved in some of the activities of the Local and community organizations.  In our monthly meetings we generally have approximately 100 people participate and one another's company.  There are almost 1200 retiree's in our chapter and it would be great to see more of you turn out for the meetings.  I also encourage you to take an active role in the union function by attending the general membership meetings on the third Sunday of every month and let your voice be heard.  2014 will be a pivotal year during the election cycle, as we in labor must take a stance to oust the so-called right-to-work legislation put in place during the lame duck session of 2012.  This is easily done by changing some our legislators to those more labor friendly and less motivated for business.  I hope we can count on everyone playing a part in 2014 elections, either by phone banking, door to door communication, and most importantly casting a ballot for a labor friendly candidate. 




            Leroy Keck 

            Retiree Chairperson

            Local 723