Women's Committee

The purpose of the Women’s Committee is to promote greater understanding of the UAW’s policies and programs and to further union objectives in local member communities.  The Women’s Committee conducts programs which are of special interest to women, and it encourages women to become active and establish regional and area committees.


UAW Local 723 Women’s Committee Mission Statement

Women Committee Mission Statement is to give the "Beautiful Phenomenal Women" the tools to embrace themselves with Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Center of Universal Awareness. To overcome the barriers that "Life" have put on "US". We want to be an asset to the "Beautiful Phenomenal Women" in the Rebuilding of her Confidence, Being Supportive, Restore Positive way of Thinking and Re-Educate the "Beautiful Phenomenal Women".



Chair: Candise Green   cmg59@chrysler.com  

Co-chair: Patrice Patton  pmp27@chrysler.com

Secretary: Loretta Gayle   ldg18@chrysler.com

Financial Secretary: Candice McKinney   cym500@chrysler.com